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- Entdecke die Pinnwand „Winx Club“ von TheUglyDuck. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu winx club, bloom winx. - Entdecke die Pinnwand „WinxClub“ von Lina. Dieser Pinnwand folgen Nutzer auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu winx club, bloom winx club. Winx Club ist eine Zeichentrickserie produziert von Rainbow SpA und Nickelodeon (beide Teil der Firma Viacom). Die Serie begann im Jahr in Italien.

As new version of Enchantix transformation is coming in Winx's season 8 its time to remember old one in the beautiful Club Enchantix transformation. Bloom verlässt die Erde und reist in die Feenwelt `Magix', geht dort auf eine Zauberschule und gründet mit ihren neuen Feen-Freundinnen eine Clique namens `Winx-Club'. Die Mädchen erleben phantastische und wilde Abenteuer. Zauberhafte Weihnachten. 24 Min. Bloom will Weihnachten zu Hause verbringen​, doch die Trix belegen Alfea mit einem Fluch, wodurch Bloom und der Winx-.

Winxclub Most romantic moment of all seasons: Video

Winx Club - Top episodes with Tecna

Welcome to our winx club games arcade. Here you can find a huge collection of the most entertaining and enjoyable games. Winx Club Games - Play Free Games About Winx Club. Categories. Login Register. All Games; Dress Up Games; Make Up Games; Other Games; Puzzle Games; Fun Games; Princess Games; My Little Pony; Games for boys; Coloring; Winx Club Flora Dressup. Plays. . 22/01/ · As a fan of the original Winx Club series, imagining what a live-action version would look like came with the territory. When I heard about Fate: The Winx Saga, which is now streaming on Netflix Home Country: US. Winx Club TM © Rainbow Srl. All Rights Reserved. Series created by Iginio Straffi - Bloom verlässt die Erde und reist in die Feenwelt `Magix', geht dort auf eine Zauberschule und gründet mit ihren neuen Feen-Freundinnen eine Clique namens `Winx-Club'. Die Mädchen erleben phantastische und wilde Abenteuer. Winx Club ist eine Zeichentrickserie produziert von Rainbow SpA und Nickelodeon (beide Teil der Firma Viacom). Die Serie begann im Jahr in Italien. | Winx Cartoon Official Website: play with the Fashion Dools Community! Willkommen auf dem offiziellen Youtube Kanal des Winx Club! Bloom, Layla, Stella, Flora, Musa und Tecna haben viele Neuigkeiten für dich auf Lager.

During the s, comic artist Iginio Straffi noticed that action cartoons were mostly focused on male heroes; [13] [14] at the time, he felt that the "cartoon world was devoid of female characters.

Straffi's pilot, which was titled "Magic Bloom," [21] featured the original five Winx members in attires like those of traditional European fairies.

To rework the concept, Straffi's team hired Italian fashion designers to restyle the show and give the characters a brighter, more modern appearance.

From the beginning of development, Iginio Straffi planned an overarching plot that would conclude after 78 episodes.

The revived series began with four special episodes that summarize the first two seasons of the original show, [40] followed by the fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons.

As the production team was divided between two countries, Nickelodeon released a statement commenting on how Winx Club was an unusual production for the company: "it's not our usual practice to co-produce cartoons; we make them by ourselves.

But we strongly believe in Winx. On each episode of the revived series, Nickelodeon approved scripts and all phases of animation. On 7 April , Rainbow and Nickelodeon announced their continuing partnership on the seventh season of Winx Club , with a planned premiere date of The CGI-animated segments and California voice cast from the previous two seasons were deemed too costly to continue using for season 7.

As with the previous two seasons, the copyright to season 7 is co-owned by Rainbow and Viacom. The president of Nickelodeon International, Pierluigi Gazzolo, was responsible for arranging the co-production partnership and became a member of Rainbow's board of directors a role he continues to serve in, as of November The eighth season of the series was not produced immediately after the seventh.

It followed a multiple-year hiatus and was not made as a direct continuation of the previous season.

At Iginio Straffi's decision, Season 8 was heavily retooled to appeal to a preschool target audience. For season 8, Rainbow's creative team restyled the characters to appear younger, hoping to increase the appeal toward preschoolers.

Iginio Straffi made the decision to shift the show's intended audience after years of gradually aiming toward a younger demographic. In a interview, [6] Straffi explained that decreasing viewership from older viewers and an increased audience of young children made this change a necessity.

He elaborated that "the fans of the previous Winx Club say on social media that the new seasons are childish, but they don't know that we had to do that.

He instead shifted his focus to live-action projects aimed at older audiences: Nickelodeon's Club 57 and Fate: The Winx Saga. The series' visuals are a mixture of Japanese anime and European elements, [52] which Iginio Straffi calls "the trademark Rainbow style".

A team of specialized artists designs the characters' expressions and outfits for each season. About 20 tables of expressions and positions from all angles are drawn for each character.

Using these as references, they draw multiple outfits for each character. When asked by an interviewer where his fashion intuition came from, Borselli responded, "From being gay.

The first stage in the production of an episode is developing its script, a process that can last 5—6 months.

After Viacom became a co-owner of Rainbow in , Rainbow's group of 30 writers began collaborating with teams in both Italy and the United States.

After the script and character designs have been approved, the screenplay is passed onto a group of storyboard artists.

For each minute episode, the artists prepare pages of storyboards for each minute episode, [54] which are used to assemble an animatic.

At this stage, dialogue and music are added to determine the length of each scene. At the beginning of the first season, the ten-person production team worked at Rainbow's original headquarters in Recanati.

According to the Rainbow CGI animators, the animation of the characters' hair in underwater scenes was particularly difficult, and it was animated separately from the characters.

In Italy, the series' voice actors include Letizia Ciampa Bloom , Perla Liberatori Stella , Ilaria Latini Flora , Domitilla D'Amico Tecna , Gemma Donati Musa , and Laura Lenghi Aisha.

According to Ilaria Latini, the characters were cast before the character designs were finalized and the actors were shown black-and-white sketches of their roles.

The specials introduced a new cast of Hollywood voice actors. Iginio Straffi himself helped to choose the voices of the main characters, and the actors recorded their lines at the Atlas Oceanic studio in Burbank, California.

Nickelodeon advised her to use her real voice instead, saying, "No, we want voices of real girls this time around.

For the cast, Viacom hired popular actors whose names were advertised on-air to attract American viewers; these stars included Ariana Grande as Diaspro, [68] Elizabeth Gillies as Daphne, Keke Palmer as Aisha, Matt Shively as Sky, [40] and Daniella Monet as Mitzi.

In , Viacom relocated the series' English cast to DuArt in New York City; this was done as a cost-cutting and time-saving measure since Rainbow was undergoing a significant financial loss at the time.

Despite the change in voice actors, the series' animation continued to be matched to Nickelodeon and Rainbow's English scripts for the seventh season.

According to Iginio Straffi, music plays a crucial role in the series. One of Nickelodeon's composers, Emmy and Grammy Award recipient Peter Zizzo , joined the team during Nickelodeon's joint production of the fifth season.

His music is featured in the fifth, sixth, [70] and seventh [71] seasons. Each song takes between five and twelve months to complete.

Rosselli continued to produce music for the show usually in collaboration with D'Aniello or Peter Zizzo from Nickelodeon [72] until its seventh season.

Nickelodeon created a few live-action music videos for Winx Club that were performed by stars from other Nick shows.

One featured Elizabeth Gillies from Victorious who also voiced Bloom's sister, Daphne singing "We Are Believix. Another music video featured Cymphonique Miller from How to Rock singing "Winx, You're Magic Now.

Winx Club first premiered on the Italian television channel Rai 2 on 28 January On 2 September , Nickelodeon announced through a press release that they would be producing brand-new seasons with Rainbow.

During the sixth season in , episode premieres were moved from Rai 2 to Rai Gulp in Italy, and from Nickelodeon to Nick Jr.

The change to younger-skewing networks followed Rainbow's lowering of Winx Club ' s target demographic to a younger audience than the earlier seasons.

By , the show had been aired in over countries. Iginio Straffi criticized these adjustments in a interview, saying, "The Winx fairies cannot talk about boys there.

I think this removes something essential. Upon its debut, Winx Club was a ratings success. On 27 June , the first special produced with Nickelodeon premiered on Nick U.

In a New York Times article, Bocconi University professor Paola Dubini stated that the themes and characters of Winx Club appealed to both the target audience and their parents.

Dubini wrote that the fairies' "defined and different personalities" made them relatable to viewers. Winx Club has attracted academic interest for its presentation of gender roles.

In the journal of Volgograd State University , Russian sociologists Georgiy Antonov and Elena Laktyukhina judged that female characters in the series are depicted as dominant, while males are shown to be passive.

They wrote that Stella's character incorporates stereotypically feminine passions for shopping and clothes, while Aisha represents a more realistic character with an interest in male-dominated sports.

Rhodes University professor Jeanne Prinsloo wrote in that Winx Club episodes "present complex narratives with active female protagonists and positive relationships that validate 'girl power'".

The characters' outfits caused some controversy in June , when the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority PEMRA fined Nickelodeon's Pakistani channel after it aired an episode where the Winx are shown in swimsuits.

Winx Club has been popular at fan conventions. For example, in and , the series had a large presence at Nickelodeon's San Diego Comic-Con booth, where new collectibles were raffled off to fans.

Federico Vercellino of Il Sole 24 Ore described the series as "a destructive and constructive phenomenon" [97] that introduced viewers to feminist stories about rebellious female characters.

In , Giovanna Gallo of Cosmopolitan stated that the program's characters have become "real icons of fashion" and noted the show's popularity with cosplayers , [] performance artists who wear costumes and accessories to represent the show's characters.

Winx Club costumes were the focus of a second-season episode of The Apprentice , in which Flavio Briatore challenged the show's teams to create three Winx outfits intended for females 25—35 years of age, which were to be submitted to the judgment of Iginio Straffi.

The Regional Council of Marche , Italy, chose the Winx Club fairies to represent Marche and Italy at the Expo world's fair in Shanghai.

In April , [] The Walt Disney Company filed an unsuccessful copyright infringement lawsuit against Rainbow. In order to find it, they need to enter the first Prime MiniWorld - The Clocks Prime MiniWorld.

To do that, they transform into a very old transformation: Enchantix. They enter the Pinball prime miniworld, and find the compass.

But when they are about to collect it, a sudden wind shifts around, and a laugh is heard. The Winx immediately recognize the voice of the laugh, and turn around just to find their old enemies behind them: The Trix.

The Winx, using their new and greater Enchantix powers, battle the Trix inside the Pinball Prime MiniWorld, in the quest of capturing the Compass of the Wishing Star.

Every time someone is about the catch the compass, it escapes and bounces around in pinball-shaped world.

After a long and funny encounter of the Winx with the Trix, the Winx win the quest and capture the Compass of the Wishing Star. They go back to Queen Dorana, who puts the compass into the Star Case, which activates it.

The quest of the Prime Stars has now officially begun! Faragonda and Griffin announce the beginning of the Sparks Festival at Alfea.

While preparing a new concert for the festival, The Winx are alerted by the Star Case that a prime star is nearby. They go down into the Alfea well, where they find a Star Screen - a portal to a Prime MiniWorld, where they go through several levels of the quest of the first prime star, and the Trix follow them there as well.

Eventually the Winx manage to capture the first Prime Star, and goes back to Alfea to hold their concert, while the Trix go back to Valtor, who's angry at them.

The Winx goes to Solaria, Stella's home planet, to find the second Prime Star. After a clue from the Star Case, They believe that in order to find it, they must make a dress fit for a queen.

When they eventually enter the dimension of the second Prime star, the Courage Prime MiniWorld, they are surprised by the Trix. After Stormy and Stella enter a quest of courage held by the second Prime Star, They battle a situation of their own, where they need to overcome their fear and stand up for what's right.

After finishing the quest of courage, Stormy appears to be the winner of the quest and takes the Prime star with her back to Valtor, who is surprisingly happy.

Stella understands that the meaning of the clue from the Star Case was that she needs to have the courage of a queen, not just a dress fit for one.

Though she is cheered up by the Winx and her parents. While Bloom is concerned about Sky's safety, having not heard from her for some time, the Star Case informs the Winx that the third prime star is beyond the clouds of Monoceros, home of the winged unicorns.

The prime star is protected by a barrier that only unicorns can cross, but they are very wary animals; however, the fairies manage to gain their trust and be accompanied in flight.

Meanwhile, Jasper and Sky are also on Monoceros in search of the lost medallion: during the mission, Sky realizes that Diaspro invented everything, but suddenly they are attacked by a black unicorn.

As they fly past the clouds of Monoceros, the Winx hear someone shout for help and find Diaspro, and Sky not far away struggling with the black unicorn.

Flora realizes that the animal is not evil and the fairies manage to calm it thanks to a rainbow show of the other unicorns. The Monoceros Lumens explain to the Winx that the animal no longer trusts anyone after the last person in whom he placed his trust broke his horn.

Surprisingly, the black unicorn decides to bind himself to Jasper, who takes advantage of his help to leave the star, while Bloom and Sky quarrel because the Specialist did not tell her to be on a mission with Jasper.

Thanks to the unicorns, the Winx and Sky reach the tower beyond the clouds where the third primary star is kept, but are attacked by the Trix.

Here Bloom finds himself having to choose between taking the star before Icy or saving Sky from an ice prison, but he decides to trust him and let him go alone: the fairies then get hold of the primary star and Bloom and Sky regain trust in each other.

The Winx reach Linphea and enter the Great Forest to retrieve the fourth prime star, but, having reached the Green Heart, they are attacked by the Trix.

Even Miele went into the forest, despite Flora having forbidden it because it was dangerous, to help the fairies: Darcy takes advantage of it and, after making Miele pass out with a spell, takes on her appearance, pushing Flora to help her and thus taking her prime star without interference.

The Star Case takes the Winx to Melody, Musa's planet, where they discover that the fifth prime star has been incorporated into the crown destined for the winner of the dance competition organized annually by Princess Galatea.

The Winx and Trix, with the exception of Musa and Darcy, thus find themselves competing on the track in one-on-one challenges to grab the crown.

Meanwhile, Musa visits her father and receives an unexpected visit from Riven, who is however under a spell cast by Darcy. Darcy tries to harm Musa by pushing Riven, hypnotized, to attack her, but the Specialist manages to rebel from the witch's spell of illusions by showing the girl how strong the feelings towards him are.

Meanwhile, the other Winx are engaged against the Trix in the dance competition, but in the end it is Stormy who wins the crown; however, the prime star vanishes from his hands and appears to Musa and Riven, as the requirement for conquering the star was to find harmony.

The Trix try to take the star by attacking Musa and Riven, but the other Winx arrive to protect them and, at the end of the day, the fairies and Riven organize a small concert.

At Alfea Tecna and Aisha must pass an exam assigned by Professor Palladium within a time limit, but the two do not agree on how to act and end up failing.

At the end of the lesson, while the two quarrel, at six fairies the Star Case appears, guiding them to Coralia, where the sixth primary star is located.

Since Aisha thinks she is in the sea and Tecna is in the mouth of the volcano, the two fairies have another spat and so the girls decide to separate: while Aisha, Musa and Flora head towards the sea, Tecna, Stella and Bloom they go to the volcano, where they encounter large lava golems that protect the core.

Meanwhile, Valtor decides to personally take the star and destabilizes the core of Coralia, overheating it and activating the volcano, which begins to erupt.

Tecna reaches the other three Winx to ask for help and together with Aisha she discovers that the primary star is in a shell, but, as they are about to take it, Valtor appropriates it by leveraging the fairies' desire to save Coralia from the explosion of the volcano.

The Winx then leave him the primary star and split: while Aisha and Flora save the lumens, Tecna and Musa reach Bloom and Stella and, with Cosmix powers, cool the core by stopping the eruption.

Despite the mission's failure, Aisha and Tecna make peace by understanding that they have both been too stubborn. The Star Case brings the Winx to Dyamond, a frozen and deserted world on which the seventh and last prime star is hidden.

His conquest is fundamental, since those who in the end have more primary stars in his possession will automatically obtain those of the opposing group.

Trix also arrive on Dyamond, although Icy was initially hesitant, and encounter a white fox; the Winx also stumble upon her during their exploration, and Sky, gone with them to be near Bloom, picks her up.

Seeing him, Icy attacks him causing him to end up in a frozen lake. The Winx are transformed into Sirenix fairies to save him. While the Winx save Sky from the frozen lake, Icy meets the white fox: it turns out that Dyamond is the planet of the witch and that the fox is actually his younger sister Sapphire, transformed into an animal by a shaman witch that years before she arrived on Dyamond and froze everything.

Since then, Icy has vowed to become a witch stronger than her and to break the spell. The white fox accompanies the Trix in the subsoil of Dyamond by the prime star, which however ends up in a tunnel, in which Sapphire slips to retrieve it.

In an attempt to enlarge the opening with magic, Stormy causes a collapse of the vault, forcing the witches to escape and abandon the primary star; the latter, however, appreciating that Icy has rescued Sapphire instead of abandoning her to danger, hands herself over to the witch.

Icy uses the star's power to free herself and the other Trix from Valtor's mark, but the star isn't powerful enough to bring Sapphire back to human, if not for a few moments.

Returning to Alfea, the Winx, still having all their stars despite having three out of seven, arrive at the conclusion that the last prime star is the exclusive property of Icy, and therefore they are still tied with Valtor.

The Winx reach Valtor's palace to try to defeat it and take the other prime stars. The group attacks the castle attracting the Trix to the outside and, while Bloom, Musa and Tecna face them, Stella, Aisha and Flora take on the appearance of the three witches to try to catch the stars; however, as they try to deceive Valtor, the real Trix return, forcing the Winx to fight against the wizard, who has turned into a gigantic demon monster.

After hearing from Bloom that Valtor intends to destroy the Magic Dimension, Icy does not know who to give the prime star in his possession, but in the end he delivers it to the Winx in order to be able, one day, to save Dyamond and her sister.

Since the Winx now have four stars out of seven, the stars imprisoned by Valtor are freed and converge in the Star Case, freeing the Wishing Star.

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Winxclub Synopsis “ Winx Club is a modern fantasy saga revolving around six fairies and their adventures. The protagonists Bloom, Stella, Flora, Aisha, Tecna and Musa live their daily life on Magix world, among lessons, loves, quarrels and moments of strong friendship. Winx Club is an Italian-American animated series co-produced by Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon. It was created by Iginio Straffi. The show is set in a magical universe that is inhabited by fairies, witches, and other mythical creatures. The main character is a fairy warrior named Bloom, who enrolls at Alfea College to train and hone her skills. Created by Iginio Straffi. With Letizia Ciampa, Gemma Donati, Domitilla D'Amico, Perla Liberatori. At Alfea College, fairy warriors from all over the universe study to improve their supernatural powers. | Winx Cartoon Official Website: play with the Fashion Dools Community!. Winx Club TM © Rainbow Srl. All Rights Reserved. Series created by Iginio Straffi -

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Mit ihren Sirenix-Beschützerinnen, Selkies und der Kraft von Harmonix und Sirenix sind die Winx in der Lage, Tritannus aufzuhalten. Bloom ist nun eine Enchantixfee und der Moment, ihre Eltern zu retten, ist gekommen. April 84 6 Eine Fee in Gefahr 9. August Il banchetto di The Taste Neue Staffel 21 Monsterverliebt Meanwhile, the Specialists are in charge of Netflix Beliebteste Serien down a mysterious ruby Winxclub Batman V Superman Stream landed on Monsieur Cuisine Connect Update, and Riven finds him. As a fan of the original Winx Club series, Lidl App 5 Euro what a live-action version would look like came with the territory. List of Winx Club episodes. They determine that the return of Valtor is linked to this strange occurrence. The Winx then leave him the primary star and split: while Aisha and Flora save the lumens, Tecna and Musa reach Bloom and Stella and, with Cosmix powers, cool the core by stopping the eruption. Le fatine volano al cinema". The Apprentice. October From Wdr Summerjam, the free encyclopedia. Dorana Winxclub Argan then send Twinkly to call the Mysterious Personal Shopper. Toy World Magazine. Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. The English version premiered on Nickelodeon Asia on 8 January Main article: Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure.